Dr. Kenneth Ryan

Dr. Kenneth Ryan

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Review Branch:
Molecular and Cellular Sciences and Technologies MCST
Study Section:
Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies EBIT

Dr. Kenneth Ryan received his B.S. in biology at Stony Brook University and completed his Ph.D. studies in biochemistry, cellular, and molecular biology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

He completed postdoctoral training at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, England, on the discovery of novel genes important in embryonic development. His interest in impacting human health led him to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where he was an assistant professor. Dr. Ryan’s research focused on gene regulatory proteins critical to embryonic and cardiac development, and the discovery of genes disrupted at chromosomal breakpoints in patients with congenital heart disease. He also discovered a novel aspect of intercellular protein trafficking of transcription factors in early embryonic cells. Dr. Ryan is the author of over twenty peer-reviewed publications, and has given invited lectures at national and international academic conferences.


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