Dr. Sharon Low

Dr. Sharon Low

Assistant Director


Division of Receipt and Referral DRR

Dr. Low received her early education in Australia and Canada. Pursuing an interest in studying how animal behavior arises from brain physiology, she received her Ph.D. in neuroscience from Northwestern University. Her thesis work studying circadian rhythmic behavior in Clock mutant chimeric mice was awarded the 2002 Donald B. Lindsley Prize from the Society for Neuroscience. Funded for six years by NIH SBIR grants, Dr. Low founded and ran a small company, MusWorks, Inc., whose mission was to provide chimeric mouse models to the research community. She has also held research positions characterizing behavioral mutant mice and fruit flies at the Center for Functional Genomics at Northwestern University, and at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus. Prior to her current position, Dr. Low served as a scientific review officer (SRO) for CSR’s Emerging Imaging Technologies in Neuroscience (EITN) Study Section for four years, and as an SRO for the Fellowships: Sensory and Motor Neurosciences, Cognition and Perception Study Section for seven years. 


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