Dr. Latha Malaiyandi

Dr. Latha Malaiyandi

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Physiological and Pathological Sciences DPPS
Review Branch:
Endocrine and Metabolic Systems EMS
Study Section:
Cell Signaling and Molecular Endocrinology CSME

Dr. Latha Malaiyandi received her Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where her dissertation investigated the role of toxic heavy metals in neuronal injury models. She joined the biology faculty at Francis Marion University, a small liberal arts institution in South Carolina, where she taught preclinical students and trained undergraduates in research techniques. She joined CSR after tenure as an associate professor of anatomy at Midwestern University near Chicago, Illinois, where she directed courses for students in medical, dental, physician assistant and biomedical masters curricula. Her research program focused on the role of muscarinic signaling in the adrenal cortex and its effects on steroidogenesis. At various times, her research has been supported by awards from the NIH, the National Science Foundation and the American Heart Association.


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