Dr. Brittany Mason-Mah

Dr. Brittany Mason-Mah

Scientific Review Officer


Division of AIDS, Behavioral and Population Sciences DABP
Review Branch:
Biobehavioral Processes BP
Study Section:
Biobehavioral Mechanisms of Emotion, Stress and Health MESH

Dr. Brittany Mason-Mah received her Ph.D. in psychiatry from King’s College London, working in both the Institute of Psychiatry and the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, with an emphasis on physiology and blood-brain barrier regulation. She then completed postdoctoral training in preclinical and clinical laboratories at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, gaining experience in food reward neurocircuitry and pathophysiology of mental illnesses, primarily Major Depressive Disorder. Her translational research work includes animal models of behavior, transgenic techniques, pharmaceutical interventions, and gut microbiome interactions. She led blood-based biomarker work on multisite clinical trial teams for both National Institute of Mental Health and National Institute of Drug Abuse funded projects. Prior to joining CSR, she was an assistant professor of psychiatry and the National Project Director of a Clinical Trials Network (CTN)-NIDA multisite clinical trial investigating an injectable pharmacological intervention for methamphetamine use disorder and opioid co-use.


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