Dr. Dennis Pantazatos

Dr. Dennis Pantazatos

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Review Branch:
Macromolecular Biophysics and Biological Chemistry MBBC
Study Section:
Fellowships: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biophysics B F04B

Dr. Pantazatos received his Ph.D in biomedical sciences from the University of California San Diego, California. During his T32 fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Pantazatos investigated conformational dynamics of protein membrane interactions using Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry. He continued as an assistant professor of research and Director of the COBRE proteomics Core at the Rhode Island Hospital, Providence. Before joining CSR, he worked as a senior scientist in structural biology and biophysics at a major pharmaceutical company and served as a research chemist at the USDA in Parlier, California. His expertise is structural proteomics, quantitative proteomics, metabolomics, and imaging mass spectrometry. He worked in subject areas of Hematology, infectious diseases (antimicrobial resistance), immunology (complement system), and cancer.


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