Dr. Stephanie Nagle Emmens

Dr. Stephanie Nagle Emmens

Scientific Review Officer


Division of AIDS, Behavioral and Population Sciences DABP
Review Branch:
Biobehavioral Processes BP
Study Section:
Motor Function, Speech, and Rehabilitation MFSR

Dr. Stephanie Nagle Emmens earned her Ph.D. in speech, language and hearing at the University of Connecticut, investigating the role of the auditory centers of the brain in behavioral perception of complex auditory information. She joined the faculty at Towson University and also worked as a visiting scientist in neurology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she continued to study the role of brain-based complex auditory processes on perception and behavior. She also worked with military researchers from the Army Research Lab at Aberdeen Proving Ground on complex localization and impulse detection studies. Prior to joining CSR, she was active in clinical practice, graduate student training, and career development mentorship.


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