Three Tools to Help Direct Your Application to the Best Place for Review and Funding

1. Use NIH RePorter to locate funded applications in your field and discover:

  • The scientific review groups (located in Project Information) in which they were reviewed.
  • The NIH Institutes and Centers that fund this field of research.
  • The program officers who can guide you before submission and after the results of the review.

You can use the Matchmaker function or a text search.

2. Use CSR's Assisted Referral Tool (ART) to match your abstract or specific aims to a study section/scientific review group.

3. Use the Assignment Request Form in your application to:

  • Suggest assignment to an institute that might be interested in funding your application (e.g., NCI, NIAID).
  • Suggest a study section/review group assignment. All suggestions will be considered; however, not all assignment suggestions can be honored.
  • Identify conflicts of interest.
  • suggest expertise using keywords. Never request specific reviewers.