DRR seeks to apply NIH policies regarding receipt and referral of grant applications fairly.  We expect that applicants should be aware of published NIH policies, and we expect that our implementation of policies and procedures is consistent, reasonable, and transparent.  If you disagree with an action taken by the Division of Receipt and Referral (DRR) at CSR, such as withdrawal of a grant application, we encourage you to call or email the person who made the decision.  A conversation resolves many disagreements.  If it does not, and you continue to believe that DRR’s action was unfair or an error, you may contact the DRR Director (Acting Director Dr. B. Duane Price).

Provide a letter that explains the issues and why DRR’s action should be reversed.  The DRR Director will consider your information and re-examine the facts, policy and initial decision.  If the Director agrees, the action will be reversed.  If not, the Director will provide you with an explanation of why the decision should stand.

If, at that point, you believe DRR was wrong you may contact the Director of CSR (Noni Byrnes).  The Office of the Director will review the case again, either internally, or by sending it to CSR’s Arbitration Board. The Board is a trans-NIH group of senior level staff charged with considering appeals carefully and in context.  Regardless of whether the evaluation is done in-office or trans-NIH, your appeal will be reviewed by a senior NIH Official and you will receive a prompt (within 2 weeks, generally faster) response to your concerns.