The HIV/AIDS Behavioral (F17B) study section reviews HIV/AIDS fellowship applications with a behavioral focus.

This study section operates on an expedited cycle as mandated by Congress and only applications in which there is a clear and compelling HIV/AIDS research component are eligible for review in F17B. Those deemed insufficiently related to HIV/AIDS are assigned to other non-expedited fellowship study sections and must be submitted in time to meet the regular application due dates.

Review Dates


  • Behavioral effects of drug abuse in the context of HIV/AIDS
  • Psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS prevention and care and management of HIV/AIDS
  • Care for substance use and/or psychiatric disorder with HIV care in populations and communities
  • Clinic-based, community, and structural factors that affect screening, testing, access to and quality of care of those at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS
  • Population based approaches and contextual studies of the impact of HIV/AIDS on communities or populations
  • Structural factors and HIV risk and prevention including health services (access to care, quality of care, cost of care) along the HIV care continuum
  • Dissemination and implementation science studies of HIV/AIDS-related prevention, screening, and treatment interventions

Shared Interests and Overlaps (HIV/AIDS):

The HIV/AIDS Biological (F17A) study section reviews HIV/AIDS fellowship applications with a biological focus.

Shared Interests and Overlaps (Non-AIDS):

The Risk, Health, and Healthcare (F16) study section reviews fellowship applications that cover areas of health risk and/or health protective factors at the individual, group, and community levels in humans across the life span, as well as the impact of those factors on healthcare services and physical and mental health outcomes.



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