Review Branch Summary

The Clinical Care and Health Interventions Review Branch is led by Dr. Jacinta Bronte-Tinkew. CCHI reviews social and behavioral applications and intervention studies focused on the adoption of health promoting behaviors to reduce health risks, the prevention of the onset of related health problems, treatment at the individual or small group level, and clinical care and management of patients in general care settings and institutional and inpatient settings. Applications are focused on a wide spectrum of disease conditions, and focus on a wide range of biological, psychological, cultural and social conditions and traits that affect health promotion, prevention, treatment and clinical management of physical and mental diseases.

Study Sections

Specific Areas Include

  • Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to): cognitive and affective processes and markers of disease and illness, gene-environment interactions as they affect individual behavior; behavioral and pharmacologic interventions;
  • risk and protective processes and models, intra- and interpersonal interventions; social development and interpersonal processes, aggressive behavior and violence, and prevention and intervention methodology;
  • intervention and risk factor modification studies, interactions between social and psychological processes and disease management; psychological and biobehavioral responses to disease screening and management;
  • rehabilitation of conditions associated with psychological, physical, communicative, and social disability; and social, cognitive, and affective conditions and processes that influence disease and disorder across the lifespan.