The Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology B (DMPB) study section reviews applications proposing preclinical work aimed at discovering new pharmacotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic agents for treating or preventing disorders of the human body with the exception of cancer and infectious diseases.

Review Dates

Membership Panel

The membership panel is a list of chartered members only.


  • Discovery of novel agents to target disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, anti-inflammatories, anti-ulcer, and other diseases such metabolic and respiratory diseases including small molecule inhibitors, natural products, peptides, proteins, and combination regimens.
  • Molecular characterization of therapeutic agents, including mechanism of action, structural characterization of enzyme-inhibitor complexes, and confirmation of target engagement.
  • Optimization and preclinical studies of therapeutic agents, including medicinal chemistry, hit-to-lead optimization; adjunct therapeutics and combination regimens, cellular and animal models.
  • Targeted delivery of therapeutics to biological targets (e.g., antibody-based; T-cell-based)
  • Development of novel models to test drug efficacy, including cellular, organoids, and animals.

Shared Interests and Overlaps

There are shared interests in new drug development and production with Drug and Biologic Disposition and Toxicity (DBDT). Applications that involve new molecular agents that are potentially useful in disease therapy, other than cancer and anti-infectious agents, are reviewed in DMPB. Applications that investigate the metabolism, pharmacokinetics and mechanism of action of drugs are reviewed in DBDT.

There are shared interests in drug development with MCST (81). Applications that emphasize early-stage drug development for systems other than infectious diseases or cancer, such as discovery of novel agents and characterization of mechanism of action are reviewed in DMPB. Applications that emphasize late-stage drug development efforts are reviewed in MCST (81).


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