Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Review Branch:
Cell and Developmental Biology CDB

Dr. Maqsood Wani serves as Chief of the Cell and Developmental Biology Review Branch (CDB RB).

Dr. Maqsood Wani received his Ph.D. at the Ohio State University and did his postdoctoral work at the University of Cincinnati where he was also a new investigator in Program of Excellence in Molecular Biology of Heart and Lung. Before joining CSR, Dr. Wani was assistant professor in the departments of pediatrics and molecular genetics at the University of Cincinnati, where he was actively engaged in research as well as in medical and graduate teaching. His NIH funded research focused on stem cells and cardiac regeneration, cell homeostasis, gene regulation, and role of transcription factors in in development and differentiation. Dr. Wani’s research is published in highly ranked scientific journals such as Cancer Research, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Transgenic Research, Blood, Circulation, Development, and Nature.


Last updated: 12/01/2023 14:24