Dr. C-L Albert Wang

Dr. C-L Albert Wang

Scientific Review Staff (Contractor)


Office of the Director OD
Review Branch:

Dr. C.-L. Albert Wang came to CSR from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine. Before joining Boston University, Dr. Wang was a senior scientist at the Boston Biomedical Research Institute, where he studied muscle proteins and served for 5 years as the deputy director. He has also led a program project grant on the regulatory mechanism of smooth muscle contraction. Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Ohio State University. His research interests range from the regulatory role of calcium-binding proteins to the dynamic properties of the actin cytoskeleton. In particular, he has characterized caldesmon, an actin-binding protein found in smooth muscle cells and non-muscle cells, using a variety of biochemical, biophysical, cell biological, and physiological approaches.


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