Office of the Director – OD

Dr. Amy Wernimont received her doctoral degree from Northwestern University for graduate studies in crystallography and biochemistry of metallo-enzymes.

While there, she was an NIH Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Disease fellow. Following her Ph.D., her postdoctoral studies focused on HIV and rabies viral proteins at the European Molecular Biology Labs in Grenoble France. In 2005, she moved to Toronto to work at the Structural Genomics Consortium, a non-profit biotech housed at the University of Toronto. During the first half of her tenure there, she solved nearly 200 parasite protein structures, focusing on high impact parasitic drug targets. She moved from this position to implement and co-manage a large international structure-guided drug discovery consortium funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The program was successful during this tenure and delivered early drug leads for malaria, tuberculosis, and cryptosporidiosis.


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