Dr. Mark Vosvick

Dr. Mark Vosvick

Scientific Review Officer


Division of AIDS, Behavioral and Population Sciences DABP
Review Branch:
Clinical Care and Health Interventions CCHI
Study Section:
Biobehavioral Medicine and Health Outcomes BMHO

Dr. Mark Vosvick is a behavioral scientist who was trained at and received degrees from Yale, Rutgers, Harvard and Stanford and completed an NRSA postdoctoral fellowship at the NIH-funded Center for AIDS Intervention Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Immediately prior to CSR, Dr. Vosvick was a tenured faculty member at the University of North Texas, where he directed the Center for Psychosocial Health Research and conducted research on psychosocial issues associated with stress and coping in HIV/AIDS populations as well as on health and wellbeing in sexual and gender minority communities.


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