Dr. Mollie Manier

Dr. Mollie Manier

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Review Branch:
Molecular Genetics and Genomics MGG
Study Section:
Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award A MRAA

After completing a Ph.D. in population genetics from Oregon State University, Dr. Mollie Manier received an NIH K99 Ruth Kirschstein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship to study gene expression and sperm morphological variation in sea urchin at Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University. She then researched behavioral and evolutionary genetic mechanisms of sperm competition and cryptic female choice in Drosophila at Syracuse University and joined the faculty there in the Department of Biological Sciences as a research assistant professor. Dr. Manier later transitioned to George Washington University as an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, where she taught genetics and continued to train undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs in research methods and academic skills. Her NSF-funded research focused on the evolutionary and developmental genetics of extremely long sperm and sperm storage organs in Drosophila.


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