There is a whirlwind of information in our lives that can be difficult to sift through. Some of us at CSR have been asked questions about COVID-19 by our family and friends, thinking that we might have the “inside track” because we work for NIH. While we may not have the “inside track” on information, we do have access to people who have knowledge about COVID-19.

On August 12, 2021 we held a Q & A in an effort to connect the public with people with relevant scientific experience, to answer questions about COVID-19, vaccines, and the pandemic. The discussion was moderated by Faith Evans, Lead ESA of the Biobehavioral and Behavioral Processes Review Branch.

We invite you to watch our recording of a Person-to-Person Experience: A Live Q&A session about COVID-19.



Ms. Faith B.W. Evans
Lead Extramural Support Assistant, Center for Scientific Review (CSR)



Dr. Audrey Lau
Chief, Infectious Disease and Immunology A & B, Center for Scientific Review (CSR)


Dr. Barney Graham
Deputy Director, Vaccine Research Center and Chief, Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory and Translational Science Core, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)