The F04A panel reviews fellowship applications dealing with the chemistry of small molecules or peptides, chemical transformation and development of metabolic inhibitors. This includes the synthesis and biosynthesis as well as SAR studies of novel or natural products that have potential for treatment of disease.

Review Dates


  • Organic and Inorganic chemistry: chemical synthesis and biosynthesis, including reaction development, mechanisms, and kinetics, organometallic chemistry.
  • Computational, medicinal, natural products and metabolic chemistry.
  • Chemical biology: Design and synthesis of bioactive small molecules to probe biological systems, including enzyme inhibitors.
  • Carbohydrate chemistry: The synthesis of sugars and oligosaccharides for studying biological processes.
  • Structure-function relationships of nucleic acids, proteins, glycoproteins, and lipid bilayers
  • Peptide and protein chemistry: Chemical synthesis or engineering of natural and unnatural peptides/proteins.
  • Computational methods of ligand screening in drug development and protein-protein docking.

Shared Interests and Overlaps


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