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Study Sections

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Applications are reviewed in Study Sections (Scientific Review Group, SRG). Integrated Review Groups (IRGs) are clusters of Study Sections based on scientific discipline.

Applicants may submit requests for both awarding component (NIH Institute/Center for other PHS Operating Division such as CDC, FDA) and review group assignments. Some e-Tools available to guide thinking include:
NIH RePORTER Use Keyword Searches or Matchmaker to identify awarding components that have funded similar science
CSR Assisted Referral Tool Use ART to identify CSR study sections that might be appropriate for review of your application
Use the Assignment Request Form (optional form in application packets) to convey any assignment requests to the Division of Receipt and Referral, Center for Scientific Review. Do not use a cover letter for this information. See NOT-OD-16-008 for more information about how to use this form.

Integrated Review Groups (IRGs)

Review activities of the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) are organized into Integrated Review Groups (IRGs). Each IRG represents a cluster of study sections around a general scientific area. Applications generally are assigned first to an IRG, and then to a specific study section within that IRG for evaluation of scientific merit.

Standing Study Sections

Review most investigator-initiated research applications (R01, R03, R21, R15, and Ks). Standing study sections are those with both permanent members and temporary members.

SBIR/STTR Study Sections

Recurring special emphasis panels (SEPs) review Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Technology Transfer Research applications (STTR). They include only temporary members.

Fellowship Study Sections

Recurring special emphasis panels (SEPs) review individual fellowship grant applications - F30, F31, F32, F33. Temporary members are recruited based on expertise needed for each meeting.

All Other CSR Study Sections (Special Emphasis Panel)

Other one-time or recurring Special Emphasis Panels (SEPs) are held to review applications on special topics and members conflict applications. They include only temporary members.