Dr. Juraj Bies

Dr. Juraj Bies

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Review Branch:
Basic and Translational Cancer BTC
Study Section:
Cancer Genetics CG

Dr. Juraj Bies received his Ph.D. in cancer genetics from the Scientific Council for Molecular Biology and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. He did his postdoctoral training in the field of viral oncogenesis at NIH in the Laboratory of Genetics within the National Cancer Institute. He then returned to the Slovak Academy of Sciences, where he joined its Cancer Research Institute and continued his research focused on investigation of transcription factors of Myb family and their roles in hematopoiesis and leukemia. Before joining the CSR, Dr. Bies worked as a staff scientist at the Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, National Cancer Institute, where his research focused on posttranslational modifications of Myb proteins and on understanding of transcriptional regulation and functional roles of tumor suppressor p15Ink4b in hematopoiesis and leukemia using genetically engineered mouse models. He served as an editorial board member for several scientific journals and his research was published in over 50 peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters.


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