Dr. Baskaran Thyagarajan

Dr. Baskaran Thyagarajan

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Physiological and Pathological Sciences DPPS
Review Branch:
Endocrine and Metabolic Systems EMS
Study Section:
Basic Mechanisms of Diabetes and Metabolism BMDM

Dr. Baskaran “Baski” Thyagarajan received his Ph.D. in molecular physiology and pharmacology from the Karl-Franzen’s University of Graz, Austria. He completed his post-doctoral training at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MD, and then at the New Jersey Medical School, NJ. Before joining CSR, he was a tenured associate professor of pharmaceutics and neuroscience at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY. He led a research program that focused on 1). Analysis of the mechanisms of browning of white adipose tissue and brown fat activation as strategies to mitigate diet-induced obesity; 2). development of target site-specific drug delivery to stimulate brown fat thermogenesis and mitigate painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy; 3). neurobiology of neurotoxin uptake at the neuromuscular junction; and 4). antinociceptive actions of neurotoxins.


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