Dr. Prithi Rajan

Dr. Prithi Rajan

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Neuroscience, Development and Aging DNDA
Review Branch:
Basic Neuroscience BN
Study Section:
Neuronal Communications NC

Dr. Prithi Rajan received her Ph.D. in virology and tumor cell biology from Northwestern University, Chicago. Her introduction to stem cell biology came during a post-doctoral fellowship at NINDS/NIH, which initiated a long-standing interest in the basic biology of these cells, as well as their translational potential as therapeutics, in disease modeling and in drug discovery. Since then, she has initiated and developed scientific programs related to neuroscience and oncology in academic institutions as well as in biotechnology companies. Specific projects that she has worked on include the identification and validation of targets for autism and other psychiatric diseases, elucidation of signaling pathways related to glial differentiation and gliomas, and improved culture techniques for specific stem cells. She was a scientific editor at Cell Press, Elsevier prior to joining CSR.


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