Review Branch Summary

The Health Services and Systems Review Branch is led by Dr. Thomas Beres. HSS reviews clinical, community, and population research studies which examine the sociocultural, economic, environmental, and infrastructure factors that influence the delivery and quality of health care, patient outcomes, population health, and health policies. Studies may be multidisciplinary; may focus on the organizational, population, community, family, or individual level; and may be relevant to wide range of chronic or acute diseases or health issues. HSS also reviews studies which propose the development, validation, and analysis of new implementation and dissemination methods and theories relevant to interventions, as well as new biostatistical, computational, simulation and data models, data analytics, software, and information technology-based approaches or new uses of existing methodologies relevant to clinical use and decision-making for healthcare delivery.

Study Sections

Broad Areas Reviewed

  • Broad areas reviewed within the HSS Review Branch include (but are not limited to) studies of comparative effectiveness; the organization, delivery and financing of health care;
  • dissemination of evidence based practice into policy or the delivery of health care; interventions to address health disparities and equitable access to health care;
  • bioinformatics and information management systems; nursing science and clinical practice; ethical issues in clinical care and research;
  • community, sociocultural or environmental influences on health and health care; and the effectiveness of behavioral interventions carried out in community settings such as schools or the workplace.



Last updated: 01/09/2023 12:14