*Starts with January 2025 Council Round submission dates

The Basic Cancer Immunobiology study sectionreviews applications focused on new discoveries in basic cancer immunobiology that may form the basis for future translation, including immune signaling, immunosurveillance and immune responses to cancer. It will include novel model systems and technologies to facilitate discovery in both early and late-stage cancers.

Review Dates


  • Immune signaling pathways and deregulation in the tumor microenvironment (immune suppression, immune tolerance, immune surveillance, immune evasion).
  • Immuno-regulation in cancer evolution.
  • Mechanisms of processing and presentation of tumor-associated antigens.
  • Mechanisms of tumor susceptibility to innate and adaptive immune responses.
  • Computational, data mining and machine learning approaches for new immune target and tumor associated antigen discovery. 
  • Model systems and novel technologies for studying cancer immunobiology.

Shared Interests and Overlaps

There are shared interests with Tumor Host Interactions (THI) in tumor immunology. Applications proposing to study interactions between tumor cells and immune cells in the tumor microenvironment in tumorigenesis may be reviewed in THI. Applications focusing on understanding immune biology and tumor immune cell functions in the tumor microenvironment may be reviewed in BCIB.

There are shared interests with Mechanisms of Established Cancer Therapeutics A, B, C (MCTAB, C) in identification of novel cancer therapeutic targets. Applications that focus on the identification of new immunologic targets to improve, validate or predict the efficacy of targeted or conventional therapy may be reviewed in MCTA,B,C. Applications that focus on tumor immunobiology and identification of novel immunologic targets using neoplastic agents as tools maybe reviewed in BCIB.

There are shared interests with Therapeutic Immune Regulation (TIR) in immune response to cancer. Applications that focus on the immune response in the context of response to immunotherapies to improve response or overcome resistance to immunotherapy, may be reviewed in TIR. Applications that use neoplastic agents as tools to study the immune response in cancer, tumor immunity or immune regulatory mechanisms may be reviewed in BCIB.

There are shared interests with Translational Immuno-Oncology (TIO) in novel technology development. Applications focused on basic immune mechanisms associated new technologies or proof of concept may be reviewed in BCIB. Applications that involve novel reagents such as antibodies, vaccines or predictive biomarkers in immunotherapies may be reviewed in TIO.

There are shared interests with Cellular Immunotherapy of Cancer (CIC) in immune cell responses and interactions with tumor cells. Applications focused on therapeutic strategies for cell-based immune therapies may be reviewed in CIC.  Applications focused on mechanistic understanding or technology development of cell-based immune therapies may be reviewed in BCIB. 


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