The topics covered include developing new monitoring devices (amplifiers, electrodes) and analytical tools for EEG and related signals (ERPs) for applications in the fields of epilepsy, sleep disorders, neurological critical care, and some other miscellaneous applications such as cognitive alterations.

New applications of imaging methodologies and ancillary tools for diagnostics and research applications are also reviewed in this study section. Implantable electrodes and various aspects of neuroprosthetic devices (new arrays, telemetry, external power, etc.) and their clinical and research applications are also covered. In addition, the development of technology including imaging and recording techniques; analytical and system control software are covered. The study section also reviews applications related to monitoring and interventional tools for neurovascular defects (such as aneurysms), stroke, and ICP monitoring.

Review Dates


  • Ways to improve prosthetic limbs (comfort, fit, control).
  • Devices may include development of brain imaging and recording techniques, development of neuroprosthetic devices and biosensors.
  • Development of devices, reagents, and software to probe channels, signal transduction, and the transducers themselves.
  • Improved detection and treatment of stroke patients.
  • Improved detection of traumatic brain injuries, especially mild to moderate ones that may go undetected in the “field”.
  • Improved ability to detect and treat seizures, by improving the electrode placement or improving the capability for a non-neurologist to do it in the emergency room.
  • Methods to improve and detect sleep disorders.
  • Devices may include development of imaging and recording techniques, analytical and system control software, monitoring assay platforms, and cell culture systems.

Shared Interests and Overlaps

SBIB (12) - Small Business: Cardiovascular and Surgical Devices
SBIB (10) - Small Business: Medical Imaging
ETTN(13) – Small Business: Neuroscience Assay Development and Animal Models, Neuro-Development and Diagnostics

There are shared interests between the small business panels in Neurotechnology and Vision Review Branch (NV) and Small Business: Biobehavioral Processes 10 in the study of human neuroscience and cognition. Applications whose aims are related to development of sensors, medical devices, and monitoring systems (e.g., hearing aids, biomarkers, robots, etc.) in the areas of cognitive disorders, brain injury, sleep, vision disorders and trauma are reviewed in NV. Applications that involve neuro-developmental or psychological technologies to measure or influence human health behavior or risk are reviewed in BP 10.


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