Reporting Avenues for Concerns Related to Integrity or Fairness

The HIV/AIDS Biological (F17A) study section reviews HIV/AIDS fellowship applications with a biological focus.

This study section operates on an expedited cycle as mandated by Congress and only applications in which there is a clear and compelling HIV/AIDS research component are eligible for review in F17A. Those deemed insufficiently related to HIV/AIDS are assigned to other non-expedited fellowship study sections and must be submitted in time to meet the regular application due dates.

Review Dates


  • Clinical and epidemiological aspects of HIV/AIDS
  • Design, discovery, and development of therapeutics for HIV and AIDS-related diseases
  • All aspects of the development of vaccines against HIV and related retroviruses
  • Host immune responses to and pathogenesis of HIV and related retroviruses
  • Molecular biology, cell biology, structural biology, virology and genetics of HIV and related retroviruses
  • Effects of HIV/AIDS on the nervous system and other organ systems
  • Biological effects of drug abuse in the context of HIV/AIDS
  • Aspects of opportunistic infections in the context of HIV infections and AIDS and cancers associated with HIV and AIDS

Shared Interests and Overlaps (HIV/AIDS):

The HIV/AIDS Behavioral (F17B) study section reviews HIV/AIDS fellowship applications with a behavioral focus.

Shared Interests and Overlaps (Non-AIDS):

The Infectious Diseases and Immunology (F07A) and Infectious Diseases and Immunology (F07B) study sections review fellowship applications broadly focused on non-HIV infectious diseases, microbiology and immunology.

The Brain Disorders and Related Neuroscience (F01A) study section reviews fellowship applications with an emphasis on clinical neuroscience and disease.