Review Branch Summary

The Imaging, Surgery, and Bioengineering Review Branch will review applications for research grants that address topics in a variety of areas at the interface between a physical science or engineering and biomedical or clinical research.

Study Sections

  • Development of molecular probes and contrast agents; development of molecular imaging techniques; and basic, applied, and pre-clinical aspects of the design and development of medical imaging systems (including hardware, software and mathematical methods of image analysis) for studying organs or whole animals (including humans).
  • Application of computational sciences to knowledge and information in bio and clinical medicine, healthcare and their integration.
  • Development of: biomedical sensing and measurement instrumentation; diagnostic instrumentation creating knowledge to enhance organ system function and recovery; innovative biologics, materials, processes, implants, devices; and informatics approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.
  • Surgery and anesthesiology; host response to sepsis and injury; surgical and microsurgical therapies; surgical critical care and emergency medicine; treatment of trauma; multi-organ responses to surgery.



Last updated: 02/01/2024 09:43