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Radiation Therapeutics and Biology Study Section [RTB]

The Radiation Therapeutics and Biology [RTB] Study Section reviews applications on therapeutic interactions of ionizing radiation, radionuclides, electromagnetic radiation, and heat at the molecular, cellular, organ and patient levels. This ranges from basic studies of DNA damage responses and DNA repair to preclinical applications in which dose, dose rate, type of radiation, and quality of radiation are variables. RTB focuses on both clinical work and animal model.



  • Basic molecular/cellular-radiation/thermal interactions at therapeutic doses: radiation chemistry, DNA damage and repair, cell cycle regulation, hypoxia, signal transduction, apoptosis, heat shock proteins, growth factors, cytokines, oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species, tumor suppressor genes, cytogenetics, genomic instability, as well as radiation carcinogenesis and investigations of mechanisms of DNA damage and repair
  • Mechanisms and applications of modifiers of radiation response (including radiation sensitizers, radioprotectors, fractionation, hypoxia, and other modulators) and combination of radiation with novel agents (including those targeting growth factors, signaling pathways, DNA repair, and tumor angiogenesis)
  • Physics of treatment planning, treatment delivery, and dosimetry of brachytherapy, intravascular brachytherapy, thermal therapy, targeted radionuclide therapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT), heavy ion or neutron capture therapy, and technology and outcome analysis methodologies related to radiation treatment and planning
  • Therapies including: intensity modulation radiation therapy (IMRT), conformal therapy, tomotherapy, hyperthermia, PDT (including interstitial PDT), photoimmunotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, intravascular radiotherapy, radiation-induced gene therapy, feasibility studies to establish proof-of-principle of novel radiation therapeutics or combinations of radiation with systemic agents, as well as imaging and image analysis as it relates to targeting of radiation and assessment of response
  • Pre-clinical studies to model radiation therapeutics, tumor biology, and radiation response modulation including: pharmacokinetics, response assessment, efficacy; and internal dosimetry of targeted radio labeled agents (including: antibodies, peptides, oligonucleotides, and liposomes)

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