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Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Study Section [MTE]

The Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering [MTE] Study Section reviews applications concerned with the replacement or repair of damaged, missing or poorly functioning musculoskeletal tissues, including bone, skeletal muscle, cartilage, tendon, ligament and skin. Emphasis is on translational research at the interface between the combination of basic cellular processes, materials sciences and modeling and clinical treatment, with an emphasis on pre-clinical biological questions.



  • Extracellular matrix, cells and mechanical and molecular signals with respect to: 1) biomaterials; natural, synthetic and biomimetic scaffolds and delivery agents for repair of musculoskeletal tissue; 2) expansion and differentiation of progenitor cells, including stem cells, for musculoskeletal tissue engineering and 3) three dimensional mechanotransduction and chemical signaling for musculoskeletal tissue engineering.
  • Bioreactors and biosensors for musculoskeletal tissue engineering.
  • Cell, tissue and body biomechanics and mathematical modeling with respect to musculoskeletal system tissues.
  • Mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering with respect to the repair or replacement of the musculoskeletal tissue systems.

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