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Integrated Review Groups

Review activities of the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) are organized into Integrated Review Groups (IRGs). Each IRG represents a cluster of study sections around a general scientific area. Applications generally are assigned first to an IRG, and then to a specific study section within that IRG for evaluation of scientific merit.
A list of the IRGs is presented below. Each abbreviation serves as a link to a brief description of the IRG and a list of study sections within that IRG. For each of the IRG's study sections, a general description, specific research areas covered, and shared interests with other study sections (review groups) and IRGs are given. This information is intended to provide information to applicants about the review groups within CSR that evaluate most of the unsolicited grant applications submitted to the National Institute of Health(NIH).
Click on an individual IRG below to view a listing of all study sections and abbreviations, names of the Scientific Review Officers (SROs), and meeting rosters can be found at
The study sections within the various IRGs mainly review research project grant applications and a few Research Career Award applications. Most National Research Service Award individual fellowship applications (NRSA) are reviewed in special study sections that are designated for these reviews.