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Small Business: Drug Discovery and Development [BCMB (10)]

This special emphasis panel reviews small business applications in small molecule drug discovery and development, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, protein-based therapeutics, and protein chemistry. The focus is on the development of therapeutics.



  • Synthetic, medicinal, combinatorial, pharmaceutical, natural product, peptide, protein and computational chemistry, including protein engineering, for therapeutic applications
  • Purifications, large-scale synthesis, and production of biological molecules, peptides, proteins, or drugs
  • Computational approaches to drug discovery
  • Assays in support of drug development, including early pharmacological screenings

Shared Interests and Overlaps

​There are shared interests with Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biophysics, and Assay Development [IMST (10)]. Applications with a focus on the technology/development of an assay may be assigned to IMST (10). Applications using or refining an assay but more focused on the end-product (drug or therapeutic) may be assigned to BCMB (10). Applications focused on a protein engineering technology may be assigned to IMST (10), whereas applications focused on protein engineering for drug discovery may be assigned to BCMB (10). Aptamers used in the development of an assay may be assigned to IMST (10), whereas aptamer chemistry may be assigned to BCMB (10).

There are shared interests with Cell and Molecular Biology [IMST (15)]. Applications developing new cell-based technologies and assays may be assigned to IMST (15). Applications using cells for drug discovery or pharmacological screenings may be assigned to BCMB (10).

There are shared interests with Computational, Modeling, and Biodata Management [IMST (14)]. Applications that are focused on the general topics of software development for molecular simulations, cheminformatics analysis, and data modeling may be assigned to IMST (14). Applications proposing to apply computational techniques to the discovery and development of new drugs may be assigned to BCMB (10).

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Keywords: preclinical development, dosage formulation, drug delivery, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, drug stability, safety assessment, toxicity, PK/DM, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, target identification, lead identification, target validation, therapeutic target, detection assay, biological characterization, computational chemistry, QSAR, pharmacophore, quantum mechanics, docking, rational drug design, SBDD, FBDD, structure‐based, fragment-based, ligand‐based, structure based, fragment based, ligand based, molecular docking, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, process research, process chemistry, process development, solid phase synthesis, SPS, HTOS, high throughput organic synthesis, lead development, lead discovery, new chemical entity, therapeutic, molecular diversity, chemical diversity, synthetic biology, protein engineering, protein expression, protein manufacturing, recombinant protein, peptidomimetics, biocatalysis, natural products, phytochemicals, phytoceuticals, nutraceuticals, biosynthesis, peptide synthesis, peptide library