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Acute Neural Injury and Epilepsy Study Section [ANIE]

The Acute Neural Injury & Epilepsy (ANIE) Study Section reviews applications focused on onset, progression, clinical manifestation and treatment of stroke, adult epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, blast injury and spinal cord injury. Emphasis is on patient-oriented research and clinically-oriented research using animal models.



  • Changes in functional domains that are consequences of disease and injury.
  • Studies of changes in the neural substrate and function of brain and spinal cord in response to disease and injury.
  • Neurological and neurobehavioral evaluation with neuroimaging, neuropathology and electrophysiology.
  • Development of neuroprotective, therapeutic and rehabilitative strategies, including: evaluation of neural prostheses, electrical and magnetic stimulation, behavioral and pharmacological interventions and physical therapy.

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