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Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior Study Section [NMB]

The Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior [NMB] Study Section reviews applications examining the neuronal circuits critical to the mediation of rewarding and negatively motivated behaviors. Studies reviewed by NMB utilize molecular, cellular, anatomical, and behavioral techniques, however the emphasis of these application is the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the mediation of motivated behavior.



  • Positively motivated behaviors: Includes the mediation of drug and other types of reward; mechanisms of tolerance, dependence, withdrawal, and sensitization, as well as predisposing factors leading to drug seeking and relapse.
  • Stress, fear, anxiety, aggression: Examines critical molecules and circuits involved in the mediation of negatively motivated behavior; also, mechanisms of habituation and sensitization leading to altered responsiveness to stressful and aversive stimuli.
  • Feeding, drinking, sexual and other consummatory or social behaviors: Limbic and related circuits are investigated to determine their respective roles in the mediation of such behavior; as well as mechanisms of plasticity, and predisposing factors which may shape such behavior.
  • Neurobiological actions of psychoactive/psychotherapeutic agents: Includes molecular and cellular mechanisms of action of psychoactive drugs on behavior.

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