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Roster Index for Fellowship Study Sections

Notice of NIH Policy to All Applicants:  Meeting rosters are provided for information purposes only.  Applicant investigators and institutional officials must not communicate directly with study section members about an application before or after the review.  Failure to observe this policy will create a serious breach of integrity in the peer review process, and may lead to actions outlined in NOT-OD-14-073 and NOT-OD-15-106, including removal of the investigator's application from immediate review.

Study Section Study Section Description SRO
F01A Fellowships: Brain Disorders and Related Neurosciences Movsesyan, Vilen
F01B Fellowships: Learning and Memory, Language, Communication and Related Neurosciences Gillmor, Susan
F02A Fellowships: Behavioral Neuroscience Qin, Mei
F02B Fellowships: Sensory and Motor Neurosciences, Cognition and Perception Low, Sharon
F03A Fellowships: Neurodevelopment, Synaptic Plasticity and Neurodegeneration Schueler, Mary
F03B Fellowships: Biophysical, Physiological, Pharmacological and Bioengineering Neuroscience Paydar, Sussan
F04A Fellowships: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biophysics A Radtke, Mike
F04B Fellowships: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biophysics B Veeraraghavan, Sudha
F05-D Fellowships: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, and Bioengineering Gubin, Alexander
F05-U Fellowships: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, and Bioengineering Krishnaraju, Raj
F06 Fellowships: Endocrinology, Metabolism, Nutrition and Reproductive Sciences Sierra-Rivera, Elaine
F07 Fellowships: Immunology and Area Lai, Patrick
F08 Fellowships: Genes, Genomes and Genetics Maynard-Smith, Lystranne
F09A Fellowships: Oncological Sciences Lin, Reigh-Yi
F09B Fellowships: Oncological Sciences Cao, Jian
F09C Fellowships: Oncological Sciences Sastry, Sarita
F10A Fellowships: Physiology and Pathobiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Schneiderman, Richard
F10B Fellowships: Musculoskeletal and Oral Sciences, Imaging, Surgery, and Informatics Chaudhari, Anshumali
F13 Fellowships: Infectious Diseases and Microbiology McNealy, Tamara
F16 Fellowships: Risk, Prevention and Health Behavior Faraday, Martha
F17 Fellowships: AIDS and AIDS Related Applications Tuo, Jingsheng