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Roster Index for All Other CSR Special Emphasis Panels

Notice of NIH Policy to All Applicants:  Meeting rosters are provided for information purposes only.  Applicant investigators and institutional officials must not communicate directly with study section members about an application before or after the review.  Failure to observe this policy will create a serious breach of integrity in the peer review process, and may lead to actions outlined in NOT-OD-14-073 and NOT-OD-15-106, including removal of the investigator's application from immediate review.

Study Section
(Council Round)
Study Section Description SRO Meeting
Ocular Surface, Cornea, Anterior Segment Glaucoma and Refractive Error Kramer, Kristin Recurring SEP
Urologic and Urogynecologic Applications Ramesh, Ganesan Recurring SEP
Clinical and Translational Imaging Applications Bradley, Eileen Recurring SEP
Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis Kostriken, Richard Recurring SEP
CSR Special Emphasis Panels: Mulky, Alok Recurring SEP
RFA Panel: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Complex Brain Disorders Scott, Brian Recurring SEP
Par Panel: Academic-Industrial Partnerships Research for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Xu, Guo Feng Recurring SEP
Societal and Ethical Issues in Research Helmers, Karin Recurring SEP