Study Section Study Section Description Scientific Review Officer
XNDA Xenobiotic and Nutrient Disposition and Action Study Section Dr. Stacey Williams
VPI Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity Dr. Neerja Kaushik-Basu
VIRB Virology - B Study Section Dr. Neerja Kaushik-Basu
VIRA Virology - A Study Section Dr. Kenneth Izumi
VID Vaccines Against Microbial Diseases Study Section Dr. Jian Wang
VID Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases Dr. Jian Wang
VDT Viral Dynamics and Transmission Dr. Sharon Isern
VB Vector Biology Study Section Dr. Haruhiko Murata
TVZ Transmission of Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Dr. Haruhiko Murata
TTT Transplantation, Tolerance, and Tumor Immunology Study Section Dr. Carmen Ufret-Vincenty
TPM Tumor Progression and Metastasis Study Section Dr. Rolf Jakobi
TME Tumor Microenvironment Study Section Dr. Angela Ng
TIR Therapeutic Immune Regulation Dr. Yue Wu
TIO Translational Immuno-oncology Dr. Maria Cardenas-Corona
THI Tumor Host Interactions Dr. Angela Ng
TEHM Tumor Evolution, Heterogeneity and Metastasis Dr. Rolf Jakobi
TDPS Therapeutic Development and Preclinical Studies Dr. Richard Schneiderman
TCB Tumor Cell Biology Study Section Dr. Charles Morrow
TAG Therapeutic Approaches to Genetic Diseases Study Section Dr. Karobi Moitra
SSPB Social Sciences and Population Studies B Study Section Dr. Kate Fothergill
SSPA Social Sciences and Population Studies A Study Section Dr. Suzanne Ryan
SPIP Social Psychology, Personality and Interpersonal Processes Study Section Dr. Janetta Lun
SMN Sensory-Motor Neuroscience Dr. Alena Savonenko
SMEP Skeletal Muscle and Exercise Physiology Study Section Dr. Richard Ingraham
SIHH Science of Implementation in Health and Healthcare Dr. Wenjuan Wang
SIEE Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure Dr. Jodie Fleming
SEDH Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Dr. Ananya Paria
SBSR Skeletal Biology Structure and Regeneration Study Section Dr. Yanming Bi
SBDD Skeletal Biology Development and Disease Study Section Dr. Aruna Behera
SBCB Synthetic and Biological Chemistry B Study Section Dr. Michael Eissenstat
SBCA Synthetic and Biological Chemistry A Study Section Dr. Anita Szajek
SAT Surgery, Anesthesiology and Trauma Study Section Dr. Weihua Luo
RTB Radiation Therapeutics and Biology Study Section Dr. Bo Hong
RPPH Reproductive, Perinatal, and Pediatric Health Dr. Cynthia McOliver
RIBT Respiratory Integrative Biology and Translational Research Study Section Dr. Bradley Nuss
RBST Receptor Biology and Signal Transduction Dr. David Balasundaram
PTHE Pathogenic Eukaryotes Study Section Dr. Tera Bounds
PRID Population-based Research in Infectious Disease Dr. Lisa Steele
PPAH Population and Public Health Approaches to HIV/AIDS Study Section Dr. Jose Guerrier
POMD Pathophysiology of Obesity and Metabolic Disease Dr. Raul Rojas
PN Pregnancy and Neonatology Study Section Dr. Andrew Wolfe
PMDA Pathophysiological Basis of Mental Disorders and Addictions Study Section Dr. Boris Sokolov
PED2 Pathophysiology of Eye Disease 2 Dr. Cibu Thomas
PED1 Pathophysiology of Eye Disease 1 Dr. Afia Sultana
PDRP Psychosocial Development, Risk and Prevention Study Section Dr. Anna Riley
PCMB Prokaryotic Cell and Molecular Biology Study Section Dr. Rebecca Burgess
PBKD Pathobiology of Kidney Disease Study Section Dr. Atul Sahai
ODHS Organization and Delivery of Health Services Dr. Catherine Maulsby
ODCS Oral, Dental and Craniofacial Sciences Study Section Dr. Yi-Hsin Liu
NPI Neurobiology of Pain and Itch Dr. Anne-Sophie Wattiez
NPAS Neural Basis of Psychopathology, Addictions and Sleep Disorders Study Section Dr. Salma Quraishi
NOMD Neural Oxidative Metabolism, Mitochondria and Cell Death Study Section Dr. Christine DiDonato
NMHD Nutrition and Metabolism in Health and Disease Dr. Gregory Shelness
NMBH Neurological, Mental and Behavioral Health Dr. Ramona Dumitrescu
NMB Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior Study Section Dr. Janita Turchi
NIC Neuroscience of Interoception and Chemosensation Dr. John Bishop
NDPR Neurodifferentiation, Plasticity, Regeneration and Rhythmicity Study Section Dr. Jacek Topczewski
NCF Neurogenesis and Cell Fate Study Section Dr. Adem Can
NC Neuronal Communications Dr. Prithi Rajan
NBVP Neuroscience of Basic Visual Processes Study Section Dr. Kirk Thompson
NANO Nanotechnology Study Section Dr. Tom Peterson
NAME Neurological, Aging and Musculoskeletal Epidemiology Study Section Dr. Heidi Friedman
NAL Neurotoxicology and Alcohol Study Section Dr. Armaz Aschrafi
MTE Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Study Section Dr. Srikanth Ranganathan
MSFC Macromolecular Structure and Function C Study Section Dr. William Greenberg
MSFB Macromolecular Structure and Function B Study Section Dr. Alexei Yeliseev
MSFA Macromolecular Structure and Function A Study Section Dr. Ian Thorpe
MRS Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Sciences Study Section Dr. Richard Lovering
MRAD Maximizing Investigators' Research Award D Dr. Thomas Cho
MRAC Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award C Dr. Jimok Kim
MRAB Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award B Dr. Sudha Veeraraghavan
MRAA Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award A Dr. Mollie Manier
MPPB Integrative Myocardial Physiology/Pathophysiology B Dr. Kirk Dineley
MPPA Integrative Myocardial Physiology/Pathophysiology A Dr. Abdelouahab Aitouche
MONC Molecular Oncogenesis Study Section Dr. Jian Cao
MNG Molecular Neurogenetics Study Section Dr. Mary Schueler
MG Molecular Genetics Dr. Altaf Dar
MFSR Motor Function, Speech and Rehabilitation Study Section Dr. Stephanie Nagle Emmens
MESH Biobehavioral Mechanisms of Emotion, Stress and Health Study Section Dr. Brittany Mason-Mah
MCV Molecular and Cellular Biology of Virus Infection Dr. Kenneth Izumi
MCTC Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics C Dr. Lambratu Rahman Sesay
MCTB Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics B Dr. Dolores Arjona
MCTA Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics A Dr. Careen Tang-Toth
MCT2 Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics - 2 Study Section Dr. Careen Tang-Toth
MCT1 Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics - 1 Study Section Dr. Dolores Arjona
MCNP Molecular Cellular Neuropharmacology Dr. Vanessa Boyce
MCDC Molecular Cancer Diagnosis and Classification Dr. Lawrence Ng
MABS Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems Study Section Dr. Zarana Patel
LMDN Learning, Memory and Decision Neuroscience Dr. Roger Janz
LIRR Lung Injury, Repair, and Remodeling Study Section Dr. Ghenima Dirami
LHB Lifestyle and Health Behaviors Dr. Lisa Wigfall
LCOM Language and Communication Study Section Dr. Rochelle Hentges
LCMI Lung Cellular, Molecular, and Immunobiology Study Section Dr. George Barnas
LCBH Lifestyle Change and Behavioral Health Dr. Pamela Jeter
KUFD Kidney and Urological Systems Function and Dysfunction Dr. Santanu Banerjee
KNOD Kidney, Nutrition, Obesity and Diabetes Study Section Dr. Steven Frenk
KEDD Kidney, Endocrine, and Digestive Disorders Dr. Steven Frenk
IVPP Integrative Vascular Physiology and Pathology Dr. Bukhtiar Shah
ITD Imaging Technology Development Dr. Guo Feng Xu
ISD Instrumentation and Systems Development Study Section Dr. Kee Forbes
IRAP Infectious Diseases, Reproductive Health, Asthma and Pulmonary Conditions Study Section Dr. Mohammed Elfaramawi
IPTA Interventions to Prevent and Treat Addictions Study Section Dr. Sarah Vidal
IPCA Imaging Probes and Contrast Agents Dr. Donald Wright
INN Innovations in Nanosystems and Nanotechnology
IMII Interspecies Microbial Interactions and Infections Dr. Subhamoy Pal
III Innate Immunity and Inflammation Dr. Kenneth Izumi
IHD Immunity and Host Defense Study Section Dr. Alok Mulky
IGIS Imaging Guided Interventions and Surgery Dr. Heidi Friedman
ICSC Interdisciplinary Clinical Care in Specialty Care Settings Dr. Abu Abdullah
ICP International and Cooperative Projects Study Section Dr. Seetha Bhagavan
ICI Intercellular Interactions Study Section Dr. Thomas Cho
ICER Integrative and Clinical Endocrinology and Reproduction Study Section Dr. Dianne Hardy
HVCD HIV molecular virology, cell biology, and drug development Study Section Dr. Kenneth Roebuck
HTBT Hemostasis, Thrombosis, Blood Cells and Transfusion Study Section Dr. Katherine Malinda
HSQE Health Services: Quality and Effectiveness Dr. Angela Thrasher
HSDO Human Studies of Diabetes and Obesity Dr. Hui Chen
HPC Health Promotion in Communities Dr. Helena Dagadu
HIVD HIV Immunopathogenesis and Vaccine Development Study Section Dr. Shiv Prasad
HIBP Host Interactions with Bacterial Pathogens Study Section Dr. Michelle Arnold
HIBI HIV/AIDS Intra- and Inter-personal Determinants and Behavioral Interventions Study Section Dr. Mark Rubert
HHD Healthcare and Health Disparities Dr. Tara Earl
HCMF Human Complex Mental Function Dr. Joanna Szczepanik
HCCS HIV Comorbidities and Clinical Studies Study Section Dr. David Chang
HCAC HIV Coinfections and HIV Associated Cancers Study Section Dr. Joshua Powell
HBPP Hepatobiliary Pathophysiology Study Section Dr. Jianxin Hu
HAI Hypersensitivity, Autoimmune, and Immune-mediated Diseases Study Section Dr. Xinrui Li
GVE Genetic Variation and Evolution Study Section Dr. Guoqin Yu
GRIC Gene Regulation in Cancer Dr. Manzoor Zarger
GHD Genetics of Health and Disease Study Section Dr. Christopher Payne
GDD Gene and Drug Delivery Systems Study Section Dr. Jain Krotz
GCAT Genomics, Computational Biology and Technology Study Section Dr. Methode Bacanamwo
EITN Emerging Imaging Technologies in Neuroscience Dr. Sharon Low
EITA Emerging Imaging Technologies and Applications Dr. Larry Kagemann
EDIT Etiology, Diagnostic, Intervention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases Dr. Liangbiao Zheng
EDD Environmental Determinants of Disease Dr. Jodie Fleming
EBIT Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies Study Section Dr. Kenneth Ryan
DT Developmental Therapeutics Study Section Dr. Maureen Shuh
DNPD Digestive and Nutrient Physiology and Diseases Dr. Aster Juan
DMPC Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology C
DMPB Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology B
DMPA Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology A Dr. Bidyottam Mittra
DMP Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology Study Section Dr. Jeffrey Smiley
DHMI Digestive System Host Defense, Microbial Interactions and Immune and Inflammatory Diseases Dr. Aiping Zhao
DEV2 Development - 2 Study Section Dr. Rass Shayiq
DEV1 Development - 1 Study Section Dr. Zubaida Saifudeen
DDR Drug Discovery and Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance Study Section Dr. Bidyottam Mittra
DDNS Drug Discovery for the Nervous System Study Section Dr. Aurea De Sousa
DBTD Drug and Biologic Therapeutic Delivery
DBDT Drug and Biologic Disposition and Toxicity Dr. Stacey Williams
DBD Developmental Brain Disorders Study Section Dr. Pat Manos
CTIS Clinical Translational Imaging Science Dr. Eleni Liapi
CSRS Cellular Signaling and Regulatory Systems Study Section Dr. David Balasundaram
CSME Cell Signaling and Molecular Endocrinology Dr. Latha Malaiyandi
CSF2 Cell Structure and Function-2 Dr. Jessica Smith
CSF1 Cell Structure and Function-1 Dr. Jessica Smith
CSB Chemical Synthesis & Biosynthesis
CRFS Clinical Research and Field Studies of Infectious Diseases Study Section Dr. James Li
CRD Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases Dr. Mohammed Elfaramawi
CPSS Cancer Prevention Study Section Dr. Svetlana Kotliarova
CPDD Child Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities Study Section Dr. Karen Seymour
CONC Clinical Oncology Study Section Dr. Laura Asnaghi
CNNT Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters Study Section Dr. Suzan Nadi
CNN Clinical Neuroscience and Neurodegeneration Study Section Dr. Jordan Moore
CNBT Clinical Neuroimmunology and Brain Tumors Study Section Dr. Aleksey Kazantsev
CMT Cellular and Molecular Technologies Dr. Tatiana Cohen
CMND Cellular and Molecular Biology of Neurodegeneration Study Section Dr. Laurent Taupenot
CMIR Cellular, Molecular and Integrative Reproduction Study Section Dr. Anthony Chan
CMIB Cellular and Molecular Immunology - B Study Section Dr. Liying Guo
CMIA Cellular and Molecular Immunology - A Study Section Dr. Mohammad Alam
CMGC Clinical Management in General Care Settings Dr. Lauren Fordyce
CMBG Cellular and Molecular Biology of Glia Study Section Dr. Sung-Wook Jang
CMAD Cellular Mechanisms in Aging and Development Study Section Dr. Tami Kingsbury
CII Cancer Immunopathology and Immunotherapy Study Section Dr. Shahana Majid
CIHB Community Influences on Health Behavior Study Section Dr. Annie-Laurie McRee
CIDH Clinical Informatics and Digital Health Dr. Paul Hewett
CIC Cellular Immunotherapy of Cancer Dr. Shahana Majid
CHSB Cancer, Heart, and Sleep Epidemiology Panel B Dr. Nketi Forbang
CHSA Cancer, Heart, and Sleep Epidemiology Panel A Dr. Denise Wiesch
CHD Cancer and Hematologic Disorders Dr. Denise Wiesch
CG Cancer Genetics Study Section Dr. Juraj Bies
CE Cancer Etiology Study Section Dr. Sarita Sastry
CDMA Clinical Data Management and Analysis Dr. Shivakumar Chittari
CDIN Chronic Dysfunction and Integrative Neurodegeneration Study Section Dr. Bernard Srambical Wilfred
CDD Cardiovascular Differentiation and Development Study Section Dr. Sara Ahlgren
CCHS Clinical Integrative Cardiovascular and Hematological Sciences Dr. Margaret Chandler
CCB Cancer Cell Biology Dr. Charles Morrow
CBP Chemical Biology & Probes
CAMP Cancer Molecular Pathobiology Study Section Dr. Manzoor Zarger
BV Bacterial Virulence Dr. Susan Daum
BTSS Bioengineering, Technology and Surgical Sciences Study Section Dr. Khalid Masood
BRLE Biobehavioral Regulation, Learning and Ethology Study Section Dr. Sara Hargrave
BNVT Bioengineering of Neuroscience, Vision Technologies Study Section Dr. Tze-Tsang (Tina) Tang
BNRS Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Neuroimmunology, Rhythms, and Sleep Dr. Michael Selmanoff
BMRD Biostatistical Methods and Research Design Study Section Dr. Victoriya Volkova
BMHO Biobehavioral Medicine and Health Outcomes Dr. Mark Vosvick
BMDM Basic Mechanisms of Diabetes and Metabolism Dr. Liliana Berti-Mattera
BMCD Basic Mechanisms in Cancer Health Disparities Dr. Sulagna Banerjee
BMBI Biomaterials and Biointerfaces Study Section Dr. Shivani Sharma
BINP Brain Injury and Neurovascular Pathologies Study Section Dr. Alexander Yakovlev
BHI Bacterial-Host Interactions Dr. Michelle Arnold
BGES Behavioral Genetics and Epidemiology Study Section Dr. Lisa Steele
BDMA Biodata Management and Analysis Study Section Dr. E. Bryan Crenshaw III
BDE Biology and Development of the Eye Dr. Kevin Czaplinski
BCO Biochemical and Cellular Oncogenesis Dr. Jian Cao
BBM Biochemistry and Biophysics of Membranes Study Section Dr. Nuria Assa-Munt
BBHV Basic Biology of Blood, Heart and Vasculature Dr. Aisha Walker
BACP Bacterial Pathogenesis Study Section Dr. Susan Daum
AVI Atherosclerosis and Vascular Inflammation Dr. Natalia Komissarova
AUD Auditory System Study Section Dr. Brian Scott
ATA Advancing Therapeutics A
ASPB Analytics and Statistics for Population Research Panel B Dr. Allison Kurti
ASPA Analytics and Statistics for Population Research Panel A Dr. Victoriya Volkova
ASG Aging Systems and Geriatrics Study Section Dr. Roger Bannister
ARM Addiction Risks and Mechanisms Study Section Dr. Kristen Prentice
APDA Adult Psychopathology and Disorders of Aging Study Section Dr. Benjamin Shapero
ANIE Acute Neural Injury and Epilepsy Study Section Dr. Elyse Schauwecker
AIRT Anti-Infective Resistance and Targets Dr. Jui Pandhare
AIMR Aging, Injury, Musculoskeletal, and Rheumatologic Disorders Dr. Nketi Forbang
ACTS Arthritis, Connective Tissue and Skin Study Section Dr. Robert Gersch